Great Things

I have always lived in Redding and was failing at normal high school until I came to CHYBA. Here I learned at a faster pace and am on track to graduate. One positive to attending CHYBA is the one-on-one time you get with each teacher and Student Support Assistant. Another great thing about CHYBA is that you get to volunteer and work with your hands a lot. It makes me so happy to help out the people in need. The school also offers dual enrollment for high school and college credits. The people here are very helpful with any problems you have in and or out of the school and are always there to support you with whatever you need. Another benefit about the school is that you can join an Americorps program that allows you to earn money for college. The best part is that the money doesn’t have to be for a specific thing. Any type of financial aid that you could need in college it will give you. Those are a few of the many great things about CHYBA.


Age 17