Charter council meeting

REGULAR board session

8544 Airport Road

Redding, CA 96002

March 15, 2018

9:00 AM


      I.        Call to Order and Roll Call of Board

    II.        Pledge of Allegiance

   III.        Hearing of Persons Desiring to Address the Charter Council


  IV.        AGENDA



All consent agenda items for the California Heritage YouthBuild Academy are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion unless a board member requests separate action on a specific item.  Approval recommended on all items listed:

1.    Approve agenda and deviation from posted agenda as necessary.

2.    Minutes of Regular Board Session on December 13, 2017.

3.    Warrant registers for review and approval as provided by Trinity County Office of Education



Agenda Item 1.           INFORMATION/ACTION

                                    Discussion and approval of the Second Interim Budget Report


Agenda Item 2.           INFORMATION/ACTION

                                    Discussion and approval for the sub-committee to meet to further review                            the budget and recommend additional adjustments that can contribute to                          balancing the budget. The sub-committee may recommend a Special                            Board Meeting to discuss and approve budget revisions.


Agenda Item 3.        INFORMATION

Discussion regarding the Memorandum of Understanding between            Trinity County Office of Education and CHYBA, including a presentation to explain Back Office and Support Services provided and the costs of           each service (Technology Services, etc.)


Agenda Item 4.        INFORMATION

                                    Information provided by TCOE and a discussion regarding possible                                                future action             related to the Special Ed Agreement with the Trinity County                          SELPA


Agenda Item 5.          INFORMATION

                                    Discussion of the WASC Accreditation visit and accreditation report



Agenda Item 6.           INFORMATION

                                    Updates on school activities by CHYBA staff    



Next regular board meeting is June 21, 2018 at 9 a.m.

A possible sub-committee meeting to discuss budget issues may be scheduled prior to the June meeting. The findings from this sub-committee meeting may result in the need for a Special Board Meeting and information regarding that special board meeting will be disseminated as soon as that decision is made.