When I started school at CHYBA I was alone and I didn’t really have anyone. I dropped out of school my junior year of high school, then didn’t go to school for a few years. Then in September 2018, someone recommended CHYBA to me so I thought why not. Now I am going to graduate, get a diploma, and start college.

I’m scared for this transition, but I’m also excited. CHYBA is an amazing school with great staff and amazing opportunities. One of the best things about the school, one of the best things I’ve ever been a part of is Americorps. It gives me the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself. It gives me a chance to help people in need and it helps students earn money for college. The Americorps ladies Megan and Julia are a huge part of my life and have made a huge impact on me. CHYBA is an amazing school, Americorps is an amazing thing.

I don’t know if I could have ever done the things I’ve accomplished without the school or Americorps. I’m in a good place in my life because of the great things that the school offers.


Age 24

Great Things

I have always lived in Redding and was failing at normal high school until I came to CHYBA. Here I learned at a faster pace and am on track to graduate. One positive to attending CHYBA is the one-on-one time you get with each teacher and Student Support Assistant. Another great thing about CHYBA is that you get to volunteer and work with your hands a lot. It makes me so happy to help out the people in need. The school also offers dual enrollment for high school and college credits. The people here are very helpful with any problems you have in and or out of the school and are always there to support you with whatever you need. Another benefit about the school is that you can join an Americorps program that allows you to earn money for college. The best part is that the money doesn’t have to be for a specific thing. Any type of financial aid that you could need in college it will give you. Those are a few of the many great things about CHYBA.


Age 17

The Big Move

I moved to Redding, California from Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage was my home for 17 years and where my childhood flourished. Before I moved to Redding, I was unmotivated, didn't listen to anyone, and didn't respect school. When I moved, I decided that my life was meant for more and that I could pursue my real life in California. CHYBA wasn’t a school that was known to my family until someone told my dad about the school.

CHYBA has given me the opportunity to grow in leadership and in life. My involvement with the student government (Youth Policy Committee) has given me the opportunity to hold a leadership role in school. Now I have the chance to see myself and all my potential.

CHYBA is a great place! I can work at my own pace, meet with people who are great characters, and excel at all I do.  With CHYBA, I have had multiple volunteer opportunities. I go to Haven Humane every Wednesday  to walk and train the dogs. I have worked on construction projects with One SAFE Place and installed solar panels on low-income homes with GRID Alternatives. I have also volunteered at community events for the Tobacco Education Coalition and the Youth Violence Prevention Council.

Being a YouthBuild student  has given me opportunities that I never had at my old school. I have been blessed with being surrounded by such supportive staff in a welcoming environment that has helped me along the way.       


Age 17

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My CHYBA Experience

I came to CHYBA for a better opportunity and sure enough I have had a perfect experience. Here you are treated like we are one big happy family. I have been here for a few weeks and I love it. I came from Pioneer High School and I like it here. At CHYBA you have opportunities to learn at your own pace. The teachers are a lot of help and very supportive, but all together it's a lot of fun and I have learned a lot.


Age 17

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Where I Am

I came to CHYBA to be a better person and have a new start in life. I would like to one day be able to help somebody else out for a change. But for now, I’m still trying to get to that point where I don’t feel like I haven’t done anything worthwhile.

Ya know, like be somebody that everybody can look up to and say, “Wow.  Look at Jake. He is doing things in life to better himself.”  I will one day get there, if I have to tear through rock and wood.

I know that I can also help the other students of CHYBA to be somebody too because we can all be leaders, not just followers.  We learn to help one another, not just ourselves. CHYBA is a team. We are all trying to reach our goals and better ourselves.


Age 24

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New Beginnings

I moved to California recently and started school at CHYBA. CHYBA stood out to me because it was the first “self-paced” school I’ve seen and I felt I would do better. It was introduced to me from my brother, Aiden, who has been going to CHYBA since August.

CHYBA is such a great place to have a fresh start and make something of yourself. Coming from a place in my life where I was so broken and I was making horrible choices, CHYBA has allowed me to start new.

I’ve been making As and Bs and I am almost finished with a whole two classes, in only the two weeks I’ve been here. Getting my life straight has been an amazing accomplishment.

CHYBA has been there along the way! I see many other lives being transformed in the same way. If you’re looking for a place to restart and work towards making someone of yourself, CHYBA is a great start, with an amazing staff that will support you.


Age 16


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August 2015: The foundation for our 4th...YES 4th...affordable housing project has started. We are eager for school to start up so our students can get back to the work site with our invaluable Construction Manager, Don Price and C & R Contractors Cisco and Randy .

June 2015: We have graduated 22 students! Graduation was held at Redding School of the Arts on June 12, 2105.

June 2014: CHYBA celebrates 11 graduates! Graduation was celebrated on June 6th at the Shasta Builders Exchange. We were honored to have guest speaker, Chris Resner.