New Beginnings

I moved to California recently and started school at CHYBA. CHYBA stood out to me because it was the first “self-paced” school I’ve seen and I felt I would do better. It was introduced to me from my brother, Aiden, who has been going to CHYBA since August.

CHYBA is such a great place to have a fresh start and make something of yourself. Coming from a place in my life where I was so broken and I was making horrible choices, CHYBA has allowed me to start new.

I’ve been making As and Bs and I am almost finished with a whole two classes, in only the two weeks I’ve been here. Getting my life straight has been an amazing accomplishment.

CHYBA has been there along the way! I see many other lives being transformed in the same way. If you’re looking for a place to restart and work towards making someone of yourself, CHYBA is a great start, with an amazing staff that will support you.


Age 16


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