The Big Move

I moved to Redding, California from Anchorage, Alaska. Anchorage was my home for 17 years and where my childhood flourished. Before I moved to Redding, I was unmotivated, didn't listen to anyone, and didn't respect school. When I moved, I decided that my life was meant for more and that I could pursue my real life in California. CHYBA wasn’t a school that was known to my family until someone told my dad about the school.

CHYBA has given me the opportunity to grow in leadership and in life. My involvement with the student government (Youth Policy Committee) has given me the opportunity to hold a leadership role in school. Now I have the chance to see myself and all my potential.

CHYBA is a great place! I can work at my own pace, meet with people who are great characters, and excel at all I do.  With CHYBA, I have had multiple volunteer opportunities. I go to Haven Humane every Wednesday  to walk and train the dogs. I have worked on construction projects with One SAFE Place and installed solar panels on low-income homes with GRID Alternatives. I have also volunteered at community events for the Tobacco Education Coalition and the Youth Violence Prevention Council.

Being a YouthBuild student  has given me opportunities that I never had at my old school. I have been blessed with being surrounded by such supportive staff in a welcoming environment that has helped me along the way.       


Age 17

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